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Referral Network

Free Income Stream for Licensed Agents:

Below is a webinar that goes into detail about this opportunity for licensed agents to earn recurring income by referring other agents to the Sundae Referral Network. Sundae ( is a fast growing company in the U.S. that connects investors with "dated and damaged" properties for them to flip. Often, real estate agents are the one's referring properties to Sundae and getting paid commissions once those properties are sold to a Sundae Investor. NOW, Sundae has launched a referral program where you can get paid when an agent you refer to Sundae sells a property to Sundae's investors. This is a MULTI-LEVEL that will allow you to get paid on agents you refer and agents that your agents refer. It costs you NOTHING to sign up and receive your custom link. This referral program launched in December of 2022 and if you are reading this you are one of the first in the country to have access. We are in beta stage of launch so take advantage of the headstart and share your link with all of your agent friends anywhere in the country. More info and REGISTRATION IS BELOW.

who work with "dated and damaged" off-market properties.

Download PDF of Sundae Referral Network explained below.

About Me:

Bobby Davidowitz (Coach Bobby Franchise) is a real estate entrepreneur who specializes in leveraging the real estate industry as a wealth creation tool. In his 21 year career, Bobby has been involved in lending, investing, and residential and commercial sales. Four years ago he took his experience in building real estate cultures and combined it with the scalable EXP Realty model. With a foundation of coaching and personal development, he has grown his organization to 1300 agents in 18 states as well as internationally. Bobby believes that financial freedom is the only way to live life on your own terms so his focus is growing residual income streams through real estate, mortgage, and investments. He recently won the Orlando Real Producer's Magazine "Ultimate Connector" Award for his passion for building relationships with great people in the industry and providing value. Bobby is a national speaker and loves to deliver energetic speeches on real estate, mindset, and financial freedom. 

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