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    Meet Bobby "Franchise" Davidowitz, the real estate entrepreneur who's committed to using the real estate industry as a wealth creation tool. With over 21 years of experience in the industry, Bobby has had a successful career in lending, investing, and residential and commercial sales. 

    However, it was four years ago when he combined his expertise in building real estate cultures with the scalable EXP Realty model that he truly started to shine. Through his foundation of coaching and personal development, Bobby has grown his organization to over 1300 agents in 18 states, as well as internationally. His focus on financial freedom drives his mission to partner with agents, brokers, and team leaders to help them create the wealth they desire.


    It's no surprise that Bobby recently won the Orlando Real Producer's Magazine "Ultimate Connector" Award for his passion for building relationships with great people in the industry and providing value.

    Bobby's drive to help others achieve financial freedom is further exemplified by his love for
public speaking. As a national speaker, he delivers energetic speeches on real estate, mindset, and financial freedom.

Developing "Franchise Players" in the Real Estate game.

"A Franchise Player" is a sports term but it's a perfect name for the type of agents, team leaders, and brokers I work with; stars and stars in the making. Lebron, Brady, Kobe...those are all Franchise Players. Passionate, driven players looking to create wealth and make an impact. I'm looking to work with people who share those beliefs no matter if you're new to the business or have years of experience.


Being a star is not for everybody. For those that want to make real estate just a JOB that makes them some money. I'm not the partner for you. And that is fine, nothing wrong with a job or just making some side money. 


That said, for those who want to be true REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURS, for those who want FINANCIAL FREEDOM, and for those who are looking to change the path of their family for generations, well, that sounds like Franchise Player talk. If that's you, we should meet to see if we're a good fit for each other. It costs you nothing to meet but I promise to deliver MASSIVE VALUE no matter what comes from our meeting...because that is what Franchise Players do:)  


What I believe...

I believe that all of us have the same goal...we want to live life on our own terms. And the only way I know how to do that is through Financial Freedom...

Real estate can be the vehicle to not only help you reach financial freedom, but also to become the person you aspire to be. This can be a powerful business, as long as you build it like a business. We have created a top level mastermind called, The Dead Agent Society. The leaders who qualify for this group have a mission to help develop agents into real estate entrepreneurs. They know the truth about real estate. It can make you a lot of money but it can also trap an agent into trading hours for dollars. Or even worse, in the wrong culture and without coaching, you might be a dead agent before you start. 87% of agents are out of the business within 2 years. We refuse to let that happen which is why our mission statement is "Death of the Agent, Rise of the Real Estate Entrepreneur."

4th Quarter Mentality

"The 4th Quarter is NOW." That is the mantra of a Franchise Player. My belief is that real estate is a way to play life. With the right mindset you can live your best life. With the wrong mindset it will be the worst game you've ever played.

The 4th Quarter of a game is a special moment in time. So important that you will often see football players throw four fingers up in the air. A powerful reminder to all those watching that "This is it." This is the final quarter.  If you're down, it's time to dig deep, play big, and give it everything you have. If you're up then it's time to press harder, fight complacency, and strive for new levels. THAT is the 4TH QUARTER MENTALITY.

BUT there is something really important to remember. In a sports game you know exactly how much time you have left. IN LIFE YOU DON'T.  Your clock could run out at any moment. It might seem morbid to think that way but it's the truth, and the truth will set you free. My belief is that you have to play every day like it's the 4th Quarter because it just might be. So there is no playing small in the 4th Quarter. Dream big and take big action. The real estate entrepreneurs I coach wake up every day and say, "The 4th Quarter is NOW."



Corinne Defilippis

I had zero real estate experience when I started working with Bobby. I remember calling him frantic on one of my first deals because one of my clients was on the verge of losing their deposit. Bobby is a master of deal strategy and helped me save that deal. Since then with Bobby's coaching and putting in the hard work I did 18.1 Million Dollars in sales in just my second year!


Diante Lawrence

I came from the investment side of real estate to sales side. In looking for a coach I realized that Bobby's extensive experience with investments along with his sales experience made him a perfect fit. Over the past three years I have massively increased my sales. More importantly, Bobby has helped me create multiple income streams and passive income. Recently, Bobby and I partnered together on a company that sells international properties to investors. Sky is the limit!


Patty Swanson

I began my real estate career on a team that Bobby was the leader of. At that time we focused on investments. When I told Bobby my vision was to do luxury real estate he fully supported my decision and helped me on my journey to rebrand myself. With his guidance I built up my business and I am excited to say I'm a top producer! Now Bobby is coaching me on building my own team. Very excited about what the future holds!


Shelton "Lingo" Smith

I began my career at a brokerage that gave me no coaching and support. One a random day at the gym I ran into Bobby. We immediately connected and later that same day I became a part of his team. Before I met Bobby I had never closed a real estate deal. In just one month of working with Bobby I closed 1.5 Million in sales! I am less than a year with Bobby and I am a top producer, getting ready to close on my own home, and I am already building my own team!


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